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i find it super interesting that now that i have proven without a doubt that they fucked up my entitlement to supported living payment and disability allowance for 3 years straight and when i emailed the national office for msd and the taihape work and income office i got replies within 1-2 hours but now that ive asked for a review of decision , gone public with my story and emailed the human rights commision they have refused to answer the 4 emails i have sent to them over the past week and that tells me one thing they have been instructed to not communicate at all with me and this would have come from the national office, mp for msd or the whanganui regional manager and know that they have realised the implication involved and the serious effect that has had on my health and mental wellbeing. for 3 years i have done the back and forward to get this approved and everytime was refused but now that this has gone viral they are in the process of getting it approved (supported living payment and disability allowance)as stated before i attempted to commit suicide things got that hard financially i couldnt take it but with support im beter now. just to give you a incite into the hardship in 2019 i recieved $268.48 a week fron winz and my rent was $200 pw and then i would put $50 into my globug account and that would leave me with $18.00 to buy groceries for the week and this continued like this for a entire year. if i never see another packet of 2 minute noodle i will die a happy man

this is a must watch video from 2016 and 4 years later these debt figures are increasing at alarming rates i personally owe $287.50 still and this decreases my benefit rate more leaving me struggling to survive because i get less than what i should be its a system designed to keep you owing and poor. and the govt forget about those that cant work and fall through the gap due to acc not accepting my claim and work and income not accepting my medical condition is permanant

taihape staff member A assistant service center manager sent me this email today

In a previous email below she states The medical certificate you have sent through to our team today is dated 08/03/2018 and has not been fully completed by the doctor yet today as I said she emailed me and stated this "I can see you have attached your completed Disability Allowance Application form which is fantastic. This allows us to now move forward with your application for Disability Allowance which is great" yet this is the same form I presented 3.2 years ago, and it was refused and have been fighting to get it approved ever since. So for 3 years, I have not been receiving what I'm entitled to, and they are now starting to realize that they have messed up big time and I encourage you to continue reading to find out the full story I have gone every week 2 to 3 days without food and power, so they are knowingly breaching my human rights, and they just don't care they would rather brush it under the rug rather than admit they were wrong and admit their decisions have had a drastic impact on my health and wellbeing

my doctor at the time put on my medical cert that i was no longer able to do heavy or physical work and that work and income needed to provide me with retraining if i couldnt do physical work any more and i cant i did half a days docking last year and nearly collapsed due to shortness of breath in the catching pen and one of the workers had to take over and i had to jump on the cradle scrathing (one of the easiest jobs at docking) it got that bad yet work and income dont offer training which means im stuck in a endless loop of trying to find work i can do thats not overly physical and taihape work and income are fully aware that i cant do physical work anymore and they dont a single thing to try and help my situation and its even that bad a taihape winz staff member told me to ring the shearing contractors fully knowing that i cant do that work anymore. back in the day before my pulmonary embolism yes i use to press wool and i used to smash the bales out but cant anymore you ask anyone ive ever worked with in taihape and they will tell you i used to smash the work and the harder the work the better and i would pick lambs up 7 days a weeks without batting a eye but now i get shortness of breath from walking

I don't have food most weeks and I don't have warm clothes and that's 2 basic human rights that are being breached by work and income and that has been a regular theme with Winz. And in an email dated 04/03/2021 from Kate Satterthwaite the general manager, ministerial and executive services stated that warmth and food are 2 basic human rights

Kate then stated if I couldn't get my finances in order I would be sent to a budgeting service. What a bunch of condescending aholes' this is what I mean when they are living in a fantasy world for real. I have a diploma in small business management from the open polytechnic and have studied accounting on this program. This is a full breakdown of my finances over a two-year period

winz benefit payment = $314
minus $70 power = $244
minus $44 food = $200
minus $200 rent = $0 left
minus $35 pw resmed airsense 10 rental = minus $35 left

over a year ago i applied for temporary additional support and never got a reply and followed up 5 times and was never approved i was told when i was in critical care by the lead nurse that i suffered from sleep apnea so when i got out i ordered a sleep apnea cpap machine and yet for 5 months i had to cover this cost myself until i could no longer afford to and now this has crippled me financially as i have a large defualt now against my credit score

costs shown on temporary additional support form

i suffer from obstructive sleep apnea and suffer between 8-10 events per hour and i dont think its fare that i have to spend the little money i have to pay for it when the govt cover medical costs but they refuse to

my resmed airsense 10 i use every night

email which shows im prescribed it as you cant get a resmed airsense without a prescription it is illegal to hire or sell them without verification of condition

According to the work and income website I'm entitled to disability allowance, and yet they refuse to give it to me and have had full knowledge since 2018 of my medical condition and ongoing costs. This is disgusting that I have to cover medical costs and medication out of the money that was supposed to go on food or power when I'm entitled to. I supplied the disability allowance form that was properly filled out by a full qualified doctor who assessed me as permanent

below is a screen capture showing the amount and I think this is not right. I am on a benefit for people that are able to work called the job seeker benefit with work and income fully aware I will never work full time again and every doctor that I have had states this on my medical certs they have full knowledge of my condition and my status medically, yet I'm not being paid correctly or even enough to survive and to be honest I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy

And I've just found out that I'm entitled to a supported living payment, yet they refuse to even though I'm entitled to help to cover my medical costs due to being signed off as permanent never reaccess I've had to pay medical costs directly out of my benefit which are

doctors visits at $18.50 every 3 month's x 12 =$222
medication at $5 every 3 month's x 12 =$60

resmed airsense 10 rental as i cant afford to buy one *edensleep* obstructive sleep apnoea @ $35 per week x 2 years =-$3,640 in debt

and this has forced me into serious debt its not a matter of responsible budgeting it a matter of not recieving enough to exist and as a result i now own over $3,640 and thats just one of my bills. this has completely destroyed my credit rating and has financially fucked me for the rest of my life

this just keeps getting stupidier i emailed taihape staff member A – Assistant Service Centre Manager | Marton, Taihape, Ohakune and asked for a review of decision regarding the med cert from 08/03/2018 and why it wasnt accepted and she states The medical certificate you have sent through to our team today is dated 08/03/2018 and has not been fully completed by the doctor - question 5 is only partially completed with no costs provided in the cost field. yes i agree it doesnt have the costs because the doctor didnt know the costs of the specialist appointments as they were in palmerston north and the doctors visit as they were in wanganui hospital not the taihape medical center.

then stated that Your doctor has also indicated medications and transport to be included but without further verification and an application form completed by you as outline above, there would not have been enough information to assess your entitlement to a Disability Allowance.

as taihape staff memebr A stated "and an application form completed by you as outline above" there would not have been enough information to assess your entitlement to a Disability Allowance. and that is total bollocks the form was not only completed properly and to the doctors satisfaction and was 100% and below is the complete form printed and scanned that proves that it was filled out right. they literally are making up excuses so that they dont have to admit that that messed up and it saves them from having to backdate my medical costs and this is shameless to a fault and means ive had to fend for myself and pay every medical bill ive had since jan 2018 when i was entitled to that help yet taihape work and income refused to help

click here to view the 100% complete disibility allowance form proving they messed up and are being caught out lying through there teeth

i never recieved the food grant of $50 because not only did they put the money on the wrong card that money was refunded back to the system when it expired and this was on a friday and i wasnt aware that the 0800 number was open on saturday and had to go 72 hours without food

this is what i deal with all the time incompetence and a system that is so broken its not funny. keep that in mind that this is a senior exucutive from work and income saying i had recieved a food grant and you can clearly see there wasnt which is a lie shame on you

below is the disability allowance form in full unedited and complete and winz say that it was incomplete and didnt have costs they are lying to me which i find quite offensive and this is coming from the assistant manager at the taihape work and income office

disability allowance form page 1
disability allowance form page 2
disability allowance form page 3
disability allowance form page 4
disability allowance form page 5
disability allowance form page 6

am i not allowed to buy new clothes

in this pdf letter i was told that verbal qoutes would be accepted from the second hand shop. i think that just shows what they think of there clients that im not allowed to buy cheap new clothes and this is discrimination. working people and the wealthy im sure enjoy waering new clean clothes and guess what so do i just because you are on a benefit doesnt mean you are not allowed new clothes that look tidy

and now the person in question that this is partly to do with this is now on holiday now that this has gone public and i think it is pathetic and this is what winz does. when thing blow up and go public they go into cover up mode and dent deny deny and yet im still suffering im still living below the breadline week to week and it is disgusting the way we are treated

well to begin i had better start at the beginning i suppose. it was the 31st january 2018 and i had walked down town to get some groceries and started to head home again and i start to choke and couldnt breathe properly after ringing a ambulance i was rushed to hospital and was diagnosed as suffering from a very life threatening saddle p.e click link to find out more saddle P.E after 5 days in critical care i was discharged from the ward and sent home and told this is something you will never recover from but we can treat and manage it and thats what my doctors do. lisa seeber one of my doctors i have seen in the past wrote a medical cert stating not capable of physical work anymore consider retraining so patrick can work and 4 other doctors as well have put the same thing on my medical certs permanant never reaccess but work and income push and push you to force you to be work ready even though thats never going to happen again and it got so bad the pressure from work and income that 2 years ago i drove to the river and put the exhaust hose in my car and attempted to kill myself it became to much the only reason im still alive is a local seen what was happening and run over and dragged me out of the car

you can clearly see duration of the disability marked permanant never reacess and condition ticked was respitory disorder and afib. winz never accepted this form and told me i had to do another one and this is the problem its never going to improve to the point where i can work yet they force you to be work ready even though fully qualified doctors are saying the opposite

this is my disability allowance form signed by dr clifford lyons as never reaccess disability form
this is page 2 of my discharge papers with symptoms and diagnoses of the saddle p.e discharge page 2this is page 1 of my discharge papers discharge papers page 1

so im freshly out of hospital and thinking shit what do i do now as i was signed off as 12 months then reaccess so i rung work and incomes 0800559009 and spoke with the most polite lady who told me she was going to send me a disability allowance form which when completed would help me with medication cost and covers medical costs so when the form turned up i made a appointment to see my doctor at the time and he completed the disability allowance form for heart disease and respitory disorder and it asks the duration of the condition on the form and he ticked permenant never reaccess and took the form down to the taihape work and income office and went to hand my form to ruby (case manager)and she told me that i needed another form for that and that i wasnt entitled to a disability allowance. so even though im entitled to recieve medical and medication costs reimbursed for the past3 years ive covered every medical bill and medication cost out of my food and power money that i deduct from my total benefit payment which means very regulrly i go without food and power and just to give you a idea of how poor this has made me i took 2 pics one month ago and another 2 pictures yesterday and my food situation is critical im not eating 3-4 days a week and this has been a regural thing for the past 2 years. left 2 images were over a month ago and right 2 were taken last night

the medication im prescribed is dabagatran 150mg twice daily and the problem with this drug is its good because it doesnt require as many blood tests and is less risky to take from a internal prospective but from a outer body prospective if you cut yourself there is no anti-dote to clot your blood so if you cut yourself your you might as well ring the undertaker instead of the ambulance. my condition was not caused at work so im not covered or entitled to acc which is crippling me financially

i decided to go public because i have banged my head against the wall talking to winz and because over a month ago i emailed Hon Carmel Sepuloni who is the Social Development and Employment Ministerand the disability Issues Minister and within 24 hours the call center rung me and said we will give you a food grant, clothing grant and other assistance so they put $50 on my payment card ending 8845 and this was a friday so i tryed to use it but showed declined payment so had to go the entire weekend with no food and i mean i was in stomach cramps i was that hungry after not eating for 72 hours. debbie the person on the phone said that they were going to sort out a clothing grant as i own 2 tshirt, 1 pair of shorts and a pair of nike's i got at the dump last year and are full of holes and debbie stated that she was going to ring back tuesday to follow up and see i get help and yet 6 days later no reply not 1 missed call or text so i rung them on the 0800559009 number to see if they could get her to ring me back and im still waiting. its not good enough

i have always worked most of my life and to be honest i dont think i could do another year on the dole mentally to be honest and im not doing another disabilty allowance form because ive had 1 done and it was permanant and im sick and tired of doctors electronically sending winz med certs that state unable to work, very limited to work capacity and you all still push this shit that im capable of working and i got offended about a month ago when i was rung by winz and told i was still under work obligations im not i cant work plain and simple take a look at my c.t scan of my saddle p.e it was life threatening and very dangerous and i still suffer from side effects of it and the meds each spot below is a blood clot in my pulmonary artery and lungs

i have also layed a formal complaint with the u.n human rights commisson on the ground that it is a basic human right to have access to food and warmth and here is a copy of that complaint that was emailed to the un human rights commission 16/02/2021 at 9.37am

im just getting started and in the next few weeks you will see this go viral im a media marketing guru and this wont stop until im financially sound as the strees of having no money is taking a impact on my health and wellbeing. 3-4 days a week i go without power and since my heater is my only heating source in my house i go 3-4 days a week wrapped up in blankets and having heating is a basic human right as is warm clothes and autumn is on the way and i dont even own a jerey or pair of pants it is the 18 feb 2021 and my power will be cut tommorow at lunchtime which means i have to wait 4 days until i get paid to top it back up and get it back on which means i have to eat cold baked beans as i normally dont have power to cook with last week it got so bad i had to go out and dig a hole in the garden and light a fire to cook something to eat

im putting my foot down i am not going to get a new disability allowance form as ive already done a disabilty allowance form and im formally requesting a review of decision around the curcumstances of it not being accepted in the first place. im unable to work end of story theres no magic bullet cure what i have is going to be with me for the rest of my life and its never going to go away its going to get worse. but im also not lazy if you can find me a job where i dont handle anything sharp, not handle anything that could cut me and is not physically demanding as i have physical limitations due to the saddle pe and you can read more about this here limitations after a p.e and also when i ring up the call center i get told i have to meet work obligations and i find that funny a call operator who by the way is not a quilafied medical examiner or g.p telling me i should be getting work ready. i guess they cant understand the gargon on the medical certs stating permanant. what part of permanant do they not understand

i have been let down big time and i am in talks with a advocacy service about suing work and income and the nz govt and this is not going away without serious help (financially) on the grounds of mental duress, being highly stressed by winz due to them raising then slaming my benefit rate, being forced to live in financial hardship to the point theres no end but suicide luckly i sort help and health neglect as for the past 2 years ive had to go 3-4 days a week without any food at all and this is because the benefit rate doesnt even cover the cost of living in today world and the cost of living is so out of control half of new zealand will be homeless by 2030
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